Teaching an old dog new tricks?

Since our call for ideas of how Church View can be used to benefit the community, we have been delighted by your response.  We hope that over the coming weeks and months, we can find ways to accommodate these.  In the meantime, we are happy to announce that the old art college is now the latest venue for police dog training.  PC Steve Cordon and PC Raechel Hall are pictured with Charlie, a 3 year old Labrador cross in training to search for explosives.  Steve and Raechel work for the South Yorkshire Police Dog Training School and train dogs for a variety of purposes including drugs searching, patrolling and crowd control.  We are delighted to make parts of Church View available to support this vital training – even if the barking can be a little noisy.  The team will be on site on different days and different times, including evening and night times.

Click here for more information on the work of the South Yorkshire Police Dog section

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