The end of the NDC programme on 31st March 2011, began the next stage of development for Doncaster Central Development Trust – becoming a wholly independent organisation continuing some of the regeneration work of NDC.

The transition to this point has involved a great deal of work and planning to satisfy both Doncaster Council and the Government (DCLG) that we have viable plans to generate sustainable income streams to support the work of the trust.  We have also had to demonstrate that residents and the local community remain central to what we do.  Attached here are three key plans.

Click here to read our Social Enterprise Plan – this plan sets out the overall direction of the Trust up to 2015

Click here to read our Succession Strategy 2010/20 – this plan sets out how we will continue the regeneration work of the NDC

Click here to read our Business Plan 2010/20 – this plan sets out how we will generate sustainable income streams

If you wish to discuss these plans in more detail, please feel free to contact us.